Can’t Hear ATC

This is the second time this issue has happened to me. As I was flying into LAX and being vectored by SoCal Apprach, then was told to contact tower I only heard approach.

When I requested 25L I was told to contact tower, so I did again thinking it was nothing but I was told to contact again. Once I got no response I executed a missed apprach and was planning on diverting to KSNA because I knew I wasn’t going to communicate with Tower.

I contacted Approach and requested multiple times to divert to KSNA but I guess they didn’t understand my intentions. I eventually landed at KLAX still being unable to hear both the Tower and Ground controller.

The following screenshots further show what I mean:

(me being tuned out of all frequencies but Approach is still playing in the background)

(me being tuned into Tower and requesting landing)

I’d like to also mention that I was only able to communicate with Approach, and that I wasn’t able to see other aircraft’s callsigns

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We had several unable to switch to Tower. If you can not change frequency, just follow traffic and land. We will usually not ghost you unless you interfere. If you are still unsure, just end your flight. This is a known bug. Thanks


Ok thanks, I followed the traffic flow, I was just going to divert, to avoid the issue completely


Hey man, I saw your topic and I see you have a glitch with your game, if you were flying on the expert server you could try going to a remote airport and then fly into KLAX, and you should use a different plane then when the glitch happened. If that does’t work try restarting your device and close down Infinte Flight.

Hope it helps!

Cheers, Capt. Phil!

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As mentioned above, this is a known issue however it has a few suspect causes. An idea of what device you’re using always helps with these problems.

  • Did you exit the app for any length of time? Even just to reply to a text or answer a 5 second phone call?

  • How far into your trip were you? Could it have been purely a device issue based on memory or RAM capacity?

Even if you can’t hear the ATC you can look at the message above and on the ATC message board.

The problem was I was tuned into Tower, but I could not hear Tower. Apprach was still playing

i have been having the same problem as well but i restarted my wifi router and everything was fixed

If you answer questions that people are asking, it tends to lead to a resolution.

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