Can’t hear anything

Hey dose anyone know that when I go to do a flight in IF that all I can hear is ATC and not my aircraft even when I’m off the ATC. My sound is on full and all I can’t hear is the ATC. And my SFX volume is on full.

This is somewhat of a known bug with some users. I believe restarting your device should fix the problem.

What device and what system version are you using currently?

Im using the newest iPad Pro

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I already restarted the device and re-downloaded the app

Are you on iOS 13 Beta?
IOS Beta builds are not supported
See this topic:

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Ohh ok. I’ll delete my IOS 13 BETA.

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I don’t think you can just delete it. Read the topic I linked to.

Try restarting the app

Please read through the thread before replying :-) Someone already suggested this. The problem is iOS 13 Beta.

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Sorry, are IF goeing to have to release a new update to fix this problem

IOS 13 Beta is a public test build and not a finished product. I’m very sure IF will support iOS 13 when testing is finished and Apple release it.

At least I dont have IOS

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This ^

There’s no point in us releasing a fix for this now, as we don’t even know if it’s an iOS bug or an intended change on their part. It might be fixed in the next iOS Beta release, it might not.


You can uninstall the profile in settings, I’m pretty sure… (I have Beta 5)

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Ok. I was refering to this:

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Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Just uninstalling the iOS Beta profile doesn’t get you back to 12.4. You will need to reset your device first then you need to get the iOS 12.4 IPSW file to get that firmware loaded on your iOS device. Then only can you restore an iOS 12.4 ONLY backup. iOS 13 back ups are not compatible with iOS 12.4. Anything you have done in iOS 13 will permanently be deleted.

It’s complicated, and I wish it was that easy…

I don’t know if this Android problem of mine could help out, I know we’re talking about iOs here but maybe someone could deduct out a solution for you…

The exact same thing happened today on my Android as well, no ATC comms sound.

  • The problem occurred after I updated Google text to Speech earlier and I note that when I went through its settings it turns out that I had to re-download all of my chosen speech datas (and it got stuck at the re-download screen).
  • Restarted IF app and cleared scenery cache resulting in delayed ATC comms sound (+20~30 seconds).
  • Closed IF app then opened Text-to-Speech (just to see whether all speech datas has been successfully downloaded) and then restarted IF app and now everything is fine. My problem is now solved, for mine.


NB: Apologies for any pilots flying TS/TNCM just now as I could be perceived as spamming the Unicom - I was just testing my brand new comms set in the 777 after the old one went dead! :P

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