Can’t hear any sound in game

I have been playing IF, worked great until about 3 days ago, when it started to not play any sound at all. I am on iPad Air 2, with the latest version of IF. Any explanations?


Sounds like a muted device :)
Swipe down in the top right corner, and you’ll probably see a red, highlighted bell icon. Tap it and you should be OK!


Hi! ~ Thanks for responding so quickly! Yes, that fixed it. I am just confused on why other applications such as YouTube still function perfectly, yet IF mutes everything when you turn on silent mode.

There are different sound classes in iOS. Some are not considered as “critical” and are muted when device is. Media sounds and similar are however separate from that. Looked it up a while back as i found it confusing as well :)

Hi! ~ Thanks for the response!

That makes much more sense now. Seems like it is a common problem.

Thanks a bunch, theCube.

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Pretty sure it’s the same issue for all app/game developers :)
I know many games i use, behaving precisely the same.