“Can’t get you last account statistics” message after changing callsign

Your Callsign

FedEx 73 Heavy

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (468)

Device Information

iPad 6th Generation
iPadOS 14.0


After changing my callsign I get the “Infinite Flight can’t get your last account statistics. Check your connection and try again” message. It appears again after I click “retry”. After clicking “retry” about 2-4 times it disappears completely

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Click “Settings”
  • Go to Account tab
  • Change your callsign
  • Go back

Expected results

Go directly to Account tab

Actual results

”Infinite Flight can’t get you last account statistics…” message appears and only goes away after clicking “retry” 2-4 times

More Information


This happened randomly to me too on a group flight.

iPad Pro (1st Gen)
iPadOS 14.0.1
Version: 20.02.00 (467) I think

Happened to me as well. Had switched from one airline yesterday to another today.

This happened to me. I pressed retry until it did not say it anymore


Ditto as well.

Able to reproduce as well

Same here, I continued to press retry until it went away.

Yup, can confirm this. It stopped happening after maybe 3 or 4 tries.

Able to reproduce.

Solution: Spamming “Retry” button 4-5 times

Happened to me a lot over the past couple of flights even in the middle

iPhone 7

IOS 13.7

Infinite Flight 20.2.00 (468)

Able to reproduce

iPad Air 2

iOS 14.1

Version 20.2.00 (468)

Able to reproduce

Samsung Galaxy S8+
Build 20.02 (985)
Android 9

Able to reproduce

iPad 7th gen
iOS 14.0
Build 20.2 (468)

Repro most of the time, but not every time.
iPad Pro (1st Gen)
iPadOS 14.0.1
Version: 20.02.00 (468)


Same for me. annoying side effect after changing the callsign is, that it doesn’t count your XP and the landing. Someone else with this problem?

Happens randomly.

iOS 14.0.1
Build 20.2 (468)

We’re looking into this and should have it solved during the next few days. Thanks for your patience


Thanks for your help! I know it isn’t the biggest issue but can get annoying, so that’s why I reported it.

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Able to reproduce

Asus ROG Phone 2
Android 10
Version 20.02 (985)

Not sure if this entails a separate report/topic. But I am having this whenever I end a flight as well.

iPad Pro 11in (2018)
iPadOS 13.7
20.02.00 468

This is a known issue and will be addressed soon as Cam pointed out. I don’t think we need any more reports of reproducing it until after a fix is made.