Can’t get the app In-Flight Operations

Hello 👋
Today I have changed a iPad and now I couldn’t find the IFOperations , I have changed the App Store , I cant find it too
Thank you

Check here, I can still find it.

Are you using the latest iOS update?

Thank you but I can’t loading it

What country are you from?

Yes I have

China , but I have changed the App Store in America and still can’t find it

What device and iOS are you currently on right now?

iPad Pro and 13.1.3 I think , it’s the latest

Alrighty, what happens when you try to download it?

But I can’t open this link

Do you use a VPN?

Why not? What happens when you click it??

Yes I am using now , if I don’t use , I can’t talk with you now😂

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It’s white can’t open it

Could you please send a screenshot?

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If that doesn’t work then I dont know man, sorry.

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Can you search for other apps or is it just happening when you search for In-Flight Operations?

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I have it thank you so much !!!

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