Can’t get my 6 months subscription

Hi, I can’t get my 6 months subscription. When I start paying, a message tell me that I need to go to Itunes support. In solo mode I’m connected with a google account but I pay with an other email adress. What could be the problem and how could I get this fixed ?

Thank you for your answers

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I believe you have to use the same email address that is linked with your iTunes or google account. Also make sure it’s the account you bought the game with.

The email in the app does not have to be the same as your Apple-ID.

@Armand_Benoist - I suggest you do as the message say and reach out to Apple Support. There are most likely some sort of issue with your payment option, which they should be able to help you out with :)

Thanks a lot ! Thank you for soending time for me !

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