Can’t fly over Cellular Data

Hey peeps, within the last week or so i can no longer connect to the servers via cellular data, only wifi. I can use data for everything else except IF. I’ve logged in and out and uninstalled and re installed but neither has helped. The screen that shows up when you open IF is live but it won’t let me connect to a server.

Your device isn’t T-mobile cell service by any chance right? If you have T-mobile than you will have to contact them to open the port that is blocked which prevents you from flying on the servers. Call T-mobile customer service and ask them to open Port:10100

This is a known issue when trying to access live with a T-Mobile device.



99,9% sure you’re using T-Mobile.
And for some reason we have yet to figure out, T-Mobile is blocking the port used by Live when connected with an IPv6-address.

As Chris mentioned, you need to contact them and ask them to open Port 10100.
Ask them to move you over to IPv4.
Use a VPN.



You guys rock, I’m in fact on T Mobile. Will call them, thanks for the quick answers!


Good luck!