Can’t fly IF + iPhone 6

Hey guys, I’m experienced in Infinite Flight grade 3, I have an iPhone 6, every time I fly, I optimize my phone as full as possible but I think this is not enough because I can’t make a 10 hours flight, when I’m doing the flight the app crashes and I can’t continue the flight, this problem occurred in all servers. I’m not happy with this, I can’t make a flight from America to Europe, is my iPhone 6 compatible with Infinite Flight?
Thank you guys, I hope there’s a solution for the problem because I still want to fly in this amazing game.


Maybe you can lower the graphics when cruising and then get them up again when you land.


I know that it can be frustrating because I have a 6s and it happens sometimes but with all the new additions to iF the iPhone 6 may be too weak. But if you haven’t turn off all the high textures and the airplane count. Hope this helps and sorry about your experience with IF


Do you tried automatic low power mode ?

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Here are a few ideas:

Settings on your iPhone

  • Reduce screen brightness to the minimum
  • Clear RAM memory before your flight by following these steps:
    – Hold your Power button until the slider to turn off your phone appears
    – Hold your home button until your homescreen appears.
  • Close all apps
  • Disable all messages
  • Enable „Do Not Disturb“ mode

Settings in Infinite Flight

  • Reduce all graphic settings to the minimum
  • Set plane count to minimum
  • Enable „Hide Plane Dots“ and „Hide Plane Name“
  • Enable Automatic Low Power Mode
  • Disable IF-Connect and ForeFlight Link
  • Don’t change the camera view during your flight. Stick with HUD

Other Settings

  • Make sure you have always a strong network connection. Maybe deactivate other devices which might use your Network as well, even if you don’t need to use them at the moment

This might help you. All the best!

It is most likely the cause of the 1GB of RAM. Although it should be able to run IF, 2 GB is more then enough. Try lowering your settings, or upgrading your IPhone to a new one (My 6S Plus has 2GB of RAM and I have never experienced issues with it)

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1GB RAM on IOS is enough. The 1GB of RAM is more important for Android devices as Android itself uses 500-1200MB of RAM. IOS only uses 200-300MB, that’s why the newer Android devices need and have more RAM than most of the Apple devices.

For your problem Rafael, Marc posted some possible solutions. Try them out.

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The Problem is, the iPhone 6 is a relatively old device, if you think it was released in 2014, quite some time ago. Sometimes it varies by device. The iPhone 6 isn’t all that powerful anymore, and on iOS you’re more limited to what parts of your phone you can optimise.
The best suggestions I have,
-Free up some space on your device. If you already have 1gb, try make it 2gb. It all counts.
-i would recommend clearing the cache, but it’s a lot more difficult on an iPhone
-Disable your data connection, Bluetooth and anything else you might have running in the background
-Keep your device cool. The hotter it gets, the slower it gets.
-Get rid of unnecessary apps that could be affecting the performance of your device.
-Lower the Graphics settings to the bare minimum.

@Marc has provided more details above, however this is all that can be done on your end. Otherwise, it may be that you cannot complete long haul until you have upgraded your device.

Yes, but it didn’t work

Wow! Thank you so much, this might help

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