Can’t find new plane

I can’t find the new plane addition to IF. I tried to see if there was an update. What is the plane called if it’s different than what I think. Help!!!

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So the new plane is called the TBM it’s right after all the other GA aircraft and right before all the CRJs. If you cant find it, its probaly because you havent update which you said you did.

Can you send a screenshot of your Infinite Flight App when you first open it up?

Also can you press the about button when your on the same screen in the bottom Left under tutorials and settings?

Hopefully we can fix this



It’s under D for Daher.

This tripped me up, I spent a while looking for it under S for Socata.

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Still not TBM for iOS guys, perhaps OP has iOS?

It’s on all IOS devices I just think that @sahajshah cant find it or hasn’t downloaded it

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Well I have iOS and I don’t have it yet! No update on the App Store for IF, no new aircraft to download…

Seriously, well I think that’s a problem on it’s own because they said every device should have it. What iPhone do you have?

IPad Pro, rather than iPhone… however I have deleted the app and re-installed and it is there so am downloading it!

Odd that it didn’t show up as an update on the App Store mind you…


Yea it should have been pushed even to the IPad as I just flew with someone on IPad

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Before we get everyone else involved here, we have just found a solution through David. Can we confirm that the OP has tried the same approach? Otherwise we are wasting Starleys time here when it’s a simple fix considering the OP says “I tried to find an update” but never confirmed if there was one or not.

Let’s wait for the OP to come back to us before everyone else jumps in.


Might seem useless,but try typing up Infinite Flight on the App Store,the new update didn’t come up on the pending section for me too,but I thought it was odd,so I I typed it up,and there was the update,waiting.

You might need to refresh the app store. Go to the update(s) tab and swipe down. This should load in any new updates.

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Yes I found a way to get it. Thank you so much! Just an update problem.