Can’t find a personal callsign

Hey all,
I’ve looked and looked everywhere but I can’t create myself a personal callsign that I like.
Do you guys have any ideas of what I could use?

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Do you have an idea of what it should relate to/resemble?

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Umm… which country do you live?

I live in Canada. I simply want something that’s either relating to me or just fun.

C-GILB seems cool, considering it’s based off your username.


I have thought a callsign: C-GBT

C-PHIL maybe?

I tried that but it doesn’t work sadly

My mistake, forgot that Canadian registrations are restricted.


C-GILB seems interesting, but I’d also like to have other ideas so I can compare. For instance, some users have callsigns such as OK-DEN or OH-HEY. I’d be nice to have an idea of a callsign of that sort.

Oh I know do M-ONEY or if there was a single A one then A-PPLE or something like that.

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Well posting it here publicly will make it non-personal 😂

  • VP-GIL / Gibraltar
  • G-LBRT / U.K
  • C-GILB / Canada
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I use OH-BOY



One more for your PFP.

-T3-DDY (TEDDY) / Kiribati

That’s a good one. I really like that.
I also found OH-GOD

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Which country is OH-xxx

OH- is Finland

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You can use:
(Azerbaijan) 4K-V1D to resemble “4K Video”
(Benin) TY-BRO to resemble “Thank you bro”
(Brunei) V8-ENG to resemble a V8 engine in a vehicle
(France) F-GILB to resemble Gilbert
(Hungary) HA-LOL for obvious reasons
(Isle of Man) M-AYBE
(Moldova) ER-WAT to resemble “Er, what”
(Sweden) SE-EEE to resemble “See”
(United Nations) 4U-LUV to resemble “For you, love”

That’s all I have. :)


I have thought a callsign: OK-THEN

That won’t work, you can only use 3 letters after OH-