Can’t Edit My Event

Hello IFC,

I cannot edit my event 04MAR22 / 2200Z - Springin' On Out Of Tampa @KTPA - #49 by InfiniteflightproYT that is taking place in less than an hour. I have contacted mods about 15 hours ago and still have gotten no response. If any mods read this could you guys please help me, and if any community members know, could you also help me? Thanks!

I don’t think that’s the issue because when I try to edit it, it says, current user cannot act on this post. Thanks for trying to help though! @NightHawk

Right, you haven’t reached a cap if you’ve only edited it 11 times. Could you please upload a screenshot of the error message you are coming across when you try to submit the edit?

EDIT: I think I figured it out anyway. It looks like you are now TL1 (Basic) but were TL2 (Member) when you posted the #live:events topic. Thus, you are unable to “repost” in the category until you are back to TL2.

Here is the image. Oh I get what your saying, I gotta get my trust level unlocked again.