Can’t download airplanes

I have 80GB of free space and good internet but cannot download any planes. I can fly the 172 fine but nothing else. I have updated, deleted, reinstalled, and restarted my iPad with no luck. Also I have the latest update on my iPad whichever iOS that is. Anyone have a idea what’s going on?

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Hello! And Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

Are you signed into your account? From earlier issues related to this, a restart of the app and Device solved the issue… Maybe try it one more time?

Yes I’m signed in I have tried everything I can think of. This started right after the IF update. I have also tried different WIFI connections with no luck I get a error message saying “please check internet connection, available storage space then retry”

What Subscription do you have?


I think pro, where can I see what subscription it is? Sorry I can’t remember

Are you able to reset your network settings on your device? If you let us know we can walk you through that option.

Reset Network Settings
-From the home screen, tap Settings.
-Scroll down to, then tap General.
-Scroll down to, then tap Reset.
-Tap Reset Network Settings.
-Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.

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Just for clarification also, what iPad are you using?

Idk let me try it’s a company issued Ipad so I might not be able to do that. Thanks for the quick responses!


It’s a IPad Air 2. -evan

Okay, see my step by step process above for resetting your network settings. I too have the iPad Air 2 ;)


Before I do that what exactly happens? This iPad is a American Airlines issued device so they configure it a certain way idk if it will mess up their settings… what’s your take?

According to Apple, “resetting your Network Settings will clear your current cellular and Wi-Fi network settings, including saved networks, Wi-Fi passwords, and VPN settings.”

This is just one of Apple’s ways of clearing WiFi, VPN and other internet source settings and so on.

That might put the nail in the coffin for me trying that suggestion. Lol I will look further into it I appreciate you guys!

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I had the same issue for hours, and just resetting the network did fix the problem!

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Reset the network setting now it works!

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