Can’t download aircraft

I can’t download a plane. It says that it has a error and could not get file size. My internet is good so it has a problem with storage.

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Hi @Reece_Arcinas! Just make sure you have enough storage on your device.
If that’s not the problem you might want to contact one of the staff.

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Hi Reece,

Thanks for coming to Support today.

Can you confirm you have enough storage on your device and whether @Luke_L has helped you with your issue? If not, then there are some steps we can go through to help you out.



Maybe delete some pictures you don’t need, or delete some replays if you have some

Hey Reece, can you provide your information with some relevant screenshots if possible? This could definately help us finding the answer. I am a also a bit confused on the “file size” situation. Files are used on Flight replays and the issue sounds similar to the, too. Try checking Infinite Flight replays too. Also, what aircrafts do you currently have? Have you tested flying the aircrafts you currently have downloaded?

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