Can’t do long Hauls!

I like to do long hauls where i go to sleep and fly when I wake up but for the last few days i get up an my iPad is off!!! How do i fix this?

Make sure your device is not in sleep mode if it is your device switches off after a while.

When you say your device is off, what exactly do you mean? Did the device shut down? Did it simply go back to the lock screen? Or did the app crash?

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Did gou forget to plug your iPad in to chare while flying? They dont have infinite battery.

How do u change this?

It goes to Lock screen.

It’s charging the whole time!!

The app is crashing mid-flight. It’s been happening to me recently and is quite annoying. Try restarting your iPad before flights and having storage spare, that can sometimes help.

K thanks!!

Same thing is happening to me. It’s happened since the new update along with frame drops and random crashes. After about an 16 hour long haul on Friday my infinite flight crashed on short final. Almost made me lose it.


It’s covered here :)

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Same. Last night my app crashed for the sixth time with the a350, and I was 16 hours in. I’m honestly frustrated. And I’ve been frequently resetting my device before flights. I don’t know what else to do.

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Thank You!

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Thanks! I will do that