Can’t disable the brake

I paid a 12 months subscription for infinite flight, and I tried to fly. For some reason, I can’t pushback or disable the brake. Is there any solution for this problem?

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Restart the app and also try to make sure your screens sensitivity both ingame and in your device’s setting is up.

Did you try simply restarting the app? If that didn’t fix it, re-install the app and tell us if your issue has been solved.

Please also see the posts I’ve linked below. They will help you create a proper support topic, which will help us diagnose and solve your problem as quickly as possible.

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You can also try to restart your device and clearing the scenery cache.

Other topics of similar issues were solved by restarting the app. Could you try doing that?

Wow, 4 comments suggesting the same thing, can you guys please calm down? Let the guy try and then he will say if it will work or not…

I dont think that would fix it

Is that issue on All Aircrafts? Try more than 1 Aircraft, cuz if i do remember this issue was on the MD11 when it got released

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Thank you for all your support. I tried with the A320,Boeing 757 and MD11, restarted my iPad and refreshed the app, still have that same problem.

Ok, then try reinstalling Infinite Flight, and if that didnt work, just wait till IF release the new update and try at that time

lol @R_Jordanian… frustrating to watch isnt it?

@Niceplaneguy, sorry for this issue. that’s frustrating having just subscribed! hopefully one of us IFC’ers can get you going. Have you checked the weight of your aircraft? sometimes being too heavy will cause this issue on some of the aircraft you listed. If you go under max, sometimes this can free it up.

Next, i side with @R_Jordanian and re-installing Infinite Flight, it’s a quick process to hopefully fix the problem. If that still doesn’t get you going, I suggest taking a video of what you’re doing with a screen record so that everyone can get a better look at what you may be doing and see if we can find something.

best of luck!