Can’t control plane

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None of the controls seem to work

Can you give us a bit more context to the issue? What’s not working? I know you can’t control your planes but what device are you using, what plane are you flying in that’s having issues?

Hi, can you try going into settings, controls, tap on the axis name and press the reset button for each of them? If this won’t work, this might be something related to your device not communicating accelerometer data to IF and it is usually fixed by a simple device restart

I’m using the iPhone 10XR… I was trying to take off with a 737-800 and I was unable to manipulate the controls as the plane slide across into the field. It happened two times first time was a 739?

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If a soft reset of the app or a re-install don’t work, then I would double check what Alexander mentioned above.


Ok I’ll give it try

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The reset took care of it… thanks for the help we’ll see ya

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