Can’t control expert server

So I passed my practical and was going to open at LIRA (class Charlie) and i can’t this keeps showing up


I tried restarting my IF and my device

Can you verify that you are an apprentice yet? Possibly restart IF, if not that, reinstall it. Congrats on becoming an IFATC member by the way!

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Yes it shows that

How long ago were you granted apprentice?

I don’t know

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Here is what it shows


It may take a few minutes to register that you are in IFATC. Try a reinstall :)

Already did

Well it’s been a couple of hours

Can you try signing out then back in into your account?

Already tried that

No need. The staff will see this topic and respond accordingly. 🙂


We don’t need to get multiple notifications for one issue. Thank you.

Both myself & Tyler are working on this.


Thanks guys for the help

Moved to PM