Can’t Contact Tower for some reason

I was coming in for a landing at Frankfurt on Expert Server and I couldn’t contact tower? Does anyone have an idea on what happen.

If you can’t tune into tower via the map, it is possible you are too far away from the airport.

I don’t know if you’ve landed yet, but make sure to change your callsign to


I was in tower’s airspace and I still couldn’t contact them for some reason

Turn airplane mode on for 30 seconds then back off again. Usually solves the issue.

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Did the two of you come it at the same time or smth?

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We weren’t flying together but I remember seeing him coming in for a landing

Is it possible this could be a trending issue Seb? This also happened to me when i was approaching Vienna but i was able to fix it after disconnecting and reconnecting again.

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My screen shot is from 20:57 UTC.

No, it’s not.
It’s been an issue on and off for quite some time. Just really unlucky state changes that’s not properly picked up by the app.


So if I turn on airplane mode for 30 seconds will I lose my progress

Nope, you won’t.
I’ve had this happen to me once, so i switched on airplane mode and waited until the Live server was disconnected. Then i just switched off, got reconnected and all was fine.

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Ok thanks you can close this now