Can’t contact RJAA approach

I’m en route to RJAA (callsign TGV1007) and cant contact 125.80 RJAA approach. Can anybody help?

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Roughly how far out are you

25nm out of rjaa

are you in contact with approach now?

Right now I’m going to hold at 12,000 with right turns and I can’t contact the approach. Waiting until I can somehow.

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No. I am trying to contact approach

You contacted me, and I handed you off to approach. Did that not work?

The only things that show up are RJTT approach, RJAA departure, RJAA tower (who told me to contact the approach) and RJAA Atis.

Yes. That didn’t work. For some reason for me 125.80 doesnt exist for me. He even tried to contact me on guard but I can’t contact him back.

I recommend since the airspace is busy, if you can not get in contact with approach to divert to a nearby airport that is suitable for your aircraft that you are currently flying.

Contact me (tower). I’ll bypass app and get you in.


Thanks! Will do.

Oops I just saw this, just follow @TaipeiGuru instructions(I’m the app for rjaa)


Whoops, I misread that a bit. Sorry that I placed the wrong message!

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No worries. Just descend, stay clear of the arrivals on right base, and come in for 34L. You’ll be fine. :)


What’s really funny about that is the fact that the nearest suitable airport was RJGG (Nagoya Chubu Centrair) since RJTT isn’t allowed to handle A380s.

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