Can’t connect

Device: IPad
Operating system: Apple

I am hooked up to some good internet but infinite flight can’t connect to the live server everything else is fine. Why is this?

No I haven’t

Maybe try that then. Please update me if you’ve done it!

Ok brb gunna do it

Is your iPad updated to the latest version

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Honestly, that should be a last resort option. Recommendations like resetting the router and rebooting the device, trying a different connection, or confirming the user is/isn’t using a VPN are better recommendations.


Yes it is.

Please don’t throw this out as the first suggestion you can think of. It’s usually the last thing you should try.

99% of the times, most issues can be resolved by a simple device restart.

Bonkers, @Levet beat me to it 🙃


RIght…my bad lol

This is usually what I do because restarting my device doesn’t usually “fix” IF for me. I’ll try to keep this in mind in the future, thanks!

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I already did it 😂

woops…did it fix it though?

No it didn’t work

Did you restart Infinite Flight or did you close Infinite Flight and then restart your iPad?

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I am beyond sorry for getting rid of your replay files for nothing

I deleted infinite flight then downloaded it again.

What is even weirder is I can do everything perfectly fine on discord and the IFC

Try resetting your router like @Levet suggested before. However I kinda doubt whether that will work or not because you’ve said that discord, IFC and I assume everything except for IF works.

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