Can’t connect

For the past 3 days I’m getting an error code every time

When I start the app

I experienced this issue the first few hours of the 20.2 release. Have you tried an app restart or a device restart?

If not that, re-install the app.

Same here can’t connect at all, I reinstalled the app and nothing and for what ever reason I am being charged $1.00 after I get an error, what’s up Infinite Flight?

It’s always expected that errors will happen after an Infinite Flight update. This issue has been resolved for majority of users. As said above, tru an app reinstallation :)

This issue got solved by staff at another group chat helping people he has the solution to the problem.

I’ve reinstalled the app several times I’m up to date on my iPad Pro 14.1 I have plenty of hardware space but I’m still getting error code 7

I’ve never had this issue when infinite flight updates

Maybe schyllberg can help you out. Shoot him a PM if you wish, or wait and hope that he comes to this topic and work his magic.

Then what’s the point of the OP creating a topic in #support?

For community support, but it seems like this is out of our reach

I’ve done everything suggested new iPad great WiFi which I’m directly next to the router in my office so I don’t know and I’m still getting error code 7 its been like this since 10/26. Again I never had a connection issue before or any issues when infinite flight dropped an update but now with 20.2 the app is error 7 all the time now I haven’t heard from support or a moderator responding to my issue which is bad look when it comes to customer service I mean I grind my butt off to reach grade 4 and want to continue my way to grade 5 now that process has stopped I’m losing landing times meaning lower grade for not having enough landings and have to work my way back up again due to error at least don’t hold the landings against me for not not being able to connect that has not been addressed I’m just going to cancel my subscription

You shouldn’t get charged more than once after uninstalling and reinstalling

I still get charged after uninstalling and installing and using my card to pay and play but the same thing keeps happening Error pops up

Why what do you use to get it

Could you share a screenshot of the error?

Bruh did you look at the topic it’s there

C.C and D.C either one still dont work

Someone put the screen shot on top of page

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