Can’t connect to the server

Hello IFC,
I have an issue. I’m in flight from Seattle to Taipei and my WiFi is working perfectly and all systems have green check makes except the live server icon. I’ve switched networks a and it still can’t connect. I’m in the FIR range now so I’m really close to landing. Anything I can do?

Change your callsign to NORDO so ATC know you are having connection issues. I would however advise diverting so if you do reconnect you don’t cause issues.

Will it count my landing? My internet is always above 150mbps and this is a 12 hr VA flight I don’t want to lose I don’t know how this happened

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Also, I just exited the app and was able to open tabs online without issues

No it won’t count your landing if you land disconnected from the live server.

That is probably what caused the connection issues - even though you say you didn’t.

Often times the live server icon may go in and out depending on your connection. I’ve had it turn red but not impact my flying or the ability to see others. Sometimes it will resolve on its own, sometimes tapping on it will refresh it, sometimes you need to go to airplane mode for a few seconds.

NORDO in your callsign/display name I see people say this many times. It may help but it not guaranteed as some people have abused it and frankly ATC is too busy to pay attention to who a pilot is. Plus if you are not connected changing your callsign will not do anything as you are not shown to anyone.


I exited after the issues started I’ve exited before and nothing happened but since this was an overnight I left it and never exited until now just to test

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This was what it showed. I closed the app and it reconnects, and lost a 12 hour flight, anyways thanks for the assistance @BennyBoy_Alpha @Chris_S

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