Can’t connect to ATC sometimes

This evening, I was cleared to land at LIRF, then tower went offlne, and came back (same controller). But I couldn’t not connect anymore, despite he requested. I tried connecting via the airport too, but nothing worked. I quickly diverted to prevent a ghosting. Is this a know issue? Something I can do about it?


If this happens again change your callsign to NORDO 🙂


This has happened to me several times before. I honestly would quit the flight as I didn’t know what NORDO was before.

Unfortunately, as far as I know there isn’t any way on reestablishing contact with ATC with this issue at hand, so your best bet would be to divert or quit.

It might be more related to me as my app crashed (I was the controller). As I’m on Beta it could be me when I re-opened again. Log sent and topic can be closed.

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