Can’t connect to account

I’m going to give that a go, I’ve already restarted my device.

Me too. Didn’t change anything.

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It keeps giving me the message “Unable to log into the server. Try again of contact support. Error code 05”. It has said that about 3 times now.

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What do I do!

Reinstalled the app, nothing

Same here.

Unable to connect.

Must be a server issue.
Hopefully it will be solved soon.

It’s a pain that we can’t tag a mod/Dev to help us.

Im having the sane issue! I have restarted my phone and Infinite Flight twice and its still jot working!

Mods, please help!

We are looking into the issue. Hang tight.

This is a widespread issue, no need for every person to state they are experiencing the error.


I’m having the same issue right now aswell

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I waited for 5 minutes, found my account, but it’s stuck on the logging in screen. Maybe that might help a little?

Edit: I’ve logged in although it took like 4 minutes.

Can you fly?

I’m in. Thanks!

Thanks! I am in now!

Thanks for fixing it!!!

Thank you so much.

Yeah finally, thank you


Thanks Chris

Flying again!

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