Can´t complete long haul flights

Currently I can´t really fly long haul routes, the last two times I tried it, I had two major problems. Two days ago I departed from Madrid to Panama City, after I reached cruise altitude I went to bed. Usually the flight takes about 10 to 11 hours. I slept maybe around 8 or 9hours, but as I woke Infinite Flight was closed… The replay ends after around 9 hours, plane is flying normally somewhere in the middle of the atlantic, I haven´t reached the carribean after 9 hours in the replay, which should be the case normally. Yesterday I tried it again, same route, same plane. I waited until I reached cruise altitude and went to bed. As I woke up today, the flight was still in progress, but the joy did not last long. As I had a look on the map I saw, I just passed the Azores, after 9 hours!!! remaining. The flight time was about 7 hours. SO the first try was even better, in terms of miles flown. If I look into my logbook the flight time for the first flight is about 5.5 hours and for the second 3.5 hours… I slept at least 8 hours in both flights…


  1. flights are taking much more time than they should
  2. Infinite Flight closed mid air

What could be an Explanation of the problem, any ideas? I appreciate any help. I can share the replays of both flights, if that helps. By the way on short haul flights thosee problems did not occur.

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for point one, flights take resonable time for the distance being flown. Also depends on your speed and winds, distance. There’s no cure to that.

For point 2, Maybe your putting your device on low power mode which could affect the performance of the app. Make sure to lower your brightness and graphics at cruise so your phone aint working too much. Also close all background apps before doing a long haul and restart your device prior to starting the flight.
There’s a low power setting in the infinite flight app setting which can help reduce the frames and reduce the chances of your app crashing

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To add to point one:
In real life aircrafts step climb on a long hauls. At different altitudes the wind is different so your ground speed is faster/slower dependent on the wind change which will then affect your arrival time.
If you want to ensure that you have a similar flight time to the flight time the flight had in real life the best is to do those step climbs as well.


but it can’t be that the flight takes three times as long because of that… In the past everything worked perfectly fine on long haul flights…

sometimes the issue can be the wifi it would cause some server disturbance.

what device are you using?

Is it possible that you received a pop up notification that paused the flight?

In the replay were several notifications such as the following: Discontinuity detected, app was deactivated for 15 seconds. But alway just a few seconds…

Android Smartphone

What kind of pop up notification can pause a flight? I thought it is impossible to pause a live flight…

yes thats the problem. Ur were losing connection with the servers even if its for few seconds its bad

like system updates, AMBER alerts. They put Infinite flight into backgroud while its needs to run as the main app

Amber alerts?


this can pop up as a notification

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never received such an alert…

ahh ok but thats not the issue here. So back to the problem, make sure ur device is plugged in and no system low power mode activated

did you leave the device in the game’s pause menu?

Hmm okay, maybe thats the problem… My smartphone is getting really dark and starts kind of an low power mode after 5 minutes inactivity, should I turn that off? I also use some apps in background like In Flight Assistant, can they cause such problems?

nope, should I?

when ur playing games, ur device shouldnt lock itself. U should turn that off because it makes the app into background and thats y ur having issues