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Hello guys,

this topic is about the posting policy of the IF community…

Don’t know exactly how long I read the posts of our community, I have an if account for more than a 1 1/2 years now and enjoyed my online flights a lot, Grade 3, 410.000 XPs, 380 hours of flying.

When I want to share some topics with you guys or participate from an ongoing discussion all my posts needs to be approved first, actually they never make it to the forum since my first attempt…

I didn’t really know why that is but in my opinion it’s necessary to give the option to post for everyone who has grade 3…

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This will only happen till you reach TL1. It’s to make sure you understand the basics of the forum before being left on your own. Your grade in IF has nothing to do with your forum account.

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Usually, after a few posts (once you reach TL1) you will not require approval from a moderator to post!

You are now TL1, so this means that you will not need approval to post now.

Also, the forum doesn’t have much to do with your flight hours and grade on Infinite Flight.

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Thank you guys for answering, hopefully it works now 👍🏼

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