Can’t capture localizer

I’m new to IF and have enjoyed flying on here. I recently decided to try to use auto land and practice ILS landings and noticed I no longer see my glide slope or localizer. Have tried flying through many ILS approaches and it doesn’t appear. It used to constantly capture them as I flew but doesn’t anymore. Don’t know if I did something or not but would like to get it back.

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  1. Select Airport.
  2. In the tabs where you can see METAR, ATC and runways, go to runways.
  3. Pick desired landing runway. There should be an option that says Nav 1. After selecting the runway click Nav 1 and if all goes right, below the selected runway should say “Nav 1” in green.
  4. Go back to the UI. Click on Nav. In there go to “source”, and change it from GPS to NAV 1. Now the localizer and glide slope should appear.

It takes some time to get used to the new UI.


When you’re within 27nm of the airport, find your airport on the map. Tap on it. At the bottom of the info screen the comes up, tap “RUNWAYS”. Select your desired runway from the list. Find the “Set NAV 1” button at the bottom. You should now be able to follow the ILS of this runway.

I hope this helps!

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You can also check out this post here to see how to configure your aircraft for landing (including runway selection). Welcome to the community!

Thank you all very much! Got it and now practicing ILS approaches again. I really appreciate your help!!

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