Can’t cancel sub


So I will need to cancel my sub (which ends August 2nd) because I am going to be too busy to fly throughout August.

However (I am on IOS) when I go into my Subscriptions in my Apple ID - I can’t see my current sub - all I see is the sub I had back in April.

Please help.

Are you logged in the current apple ID of the active subscription?

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Yes I am signed into the same one.

Did you go to subscriptions under settings? If you click on infinite flight there, there should be a button that says cancel subscription. Is that what wasn’t working?

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What does it show in your Infinite Flight as your expiration date on your profile page?

August 2nd.

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If you cancel your current sub in settings, you will have this sub until August 2nd and then no more after that. Where does it say April?

In my subscription settings - I can see my expired sub from April but not my current one.

go to the app store > top right > subscriptions > infinite flight > cancel

Nope - can only see the expired one from April.

Can you show us what you are seeing. Please block out any personal information.

send a screenshot

Bois I know you’re all desperately racing to get that green solution tick, but Chris is already helping Benny out, I’m sure he will ask you for assistance if he gets to the point where he doesn’t know how to fix the issue


I’ve seen this before. Try rebooting your device. Sometimes it will re-sync the play store.

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Nope - didn’t fix it.

However I have remembered something - I seem to remember buying the sub from my dad’s phone because my iPad was acting up - would that be the reason?

I have experienced this issue before and I fixed it by signing out my iCloud account and then signing back in.

I’m not rushing to beat Chris, but I can speak from personal experience and how I was able to solve it.

I read your mind - I literally just tried this and it didn’t work.

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I have a feeling this is why…

Haha! Unfortunately I don’t know what to do past that so I’ll take a step back from this topic 😂.

Hopefully you find a solution. Be well!