Can’t buy pro

So I’ve recently go an IPhone 12. I did buy my subscriptions with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ before. However, I can’t buy the subscription on my new phone. ( I’ve already 15€ on my Apple ID so this shouldn’t be the problem, if anyone asks. )

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Hello! Did you purchase the subscription on your iPhone 12?

Okay let me see what I can do. You said you can’t purchase it on your iPhone. So are you trying to transfer the subscription?

This is normally because of one of the reasons on this page:

If you find that you are unable to purchase a Pro Subscription whilst following the steps above, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Parental permissions are enabled which are preventing in-app purchases
  • There is a problem with your network connection
  • You do not have an official version of the app

To try to fix the issue we recommend checking parental permissions, restarting your device, and then ensuring you have a good network connection before trying again.

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Ty, that worked.

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