Can’t buy pro 1 month on IPad mini 2020

As I start the infinite flight app, I click on the fly online button and I choose pro 1 month, shows a text, I click continue, and then he shows “please wait” for so long and it won’t stop and I can’t go back

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Hi Zeb! Sorry for the issue. Is it just for the 1 month subscription model or for all of them?

Adding on, have you tried the basic troubleshoot, such as restarting your device, network or reinstalling Infinite Flight?

Yes I have tried the, restarting device, re-download app And I used several networks.

Only the 1 month subscription

There were some people that faced this issue too.

I believe the best person to contact would be @schyllberg :) he’s been tagged and he should assist you when he can!

@schyllberg can you please help me?

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