Can’t buy IF Pro

iPhone 7
iOS 13.2.3

Hi, I’m trying to buy Infinite Flight Pro, but as soon as I accept the Terms of agreement

It just goes into a never ending loading screen

Quite frustrating since I have enough balance in the App Store and have restarted the game many times already.

Does anybody have similar problems or a solution?

All help is massively appreciated!

You mentioned you have restarted the app, but have you tried restarting the device or reinstalling Infinite Flight?

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Yep, I tried them both but it didn’t work.

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Do you have the current version of IF with the A350? You might be on the wrong version, preventing you from buying the subscription.

Could you tell us if you are on Cellular or WiFi? You may be experiencing network issues on your end which sends you in an endless loop. Once we determine this we can offer some suggestions such as resetting your wireless router (WiFi) or updating your carrier settings (Cellular). As noted in the Support FAQ

Sometimes a full power down of your device works wonders.

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I’m pretty sure I have the newest version

I have tried both wifi and cellular network :(
I have also restarded my device numerous times.

Okay I see now. Could you try signing out of the App Store, reboot your device and then go ahead and sign back into the App Store. Once this is complete go ahead and relaunch Infinite Flight to try again.

If you keep restarting your device it should work looking at other support topics

I just tried and this also did not seem to solve the problem.

You got stuck in the same “loading” loop again?

Yep, goes on forever.

Do you have in-app purchases enabled? Go to your settings: Settings → Screen Time → Content & Privacy Restrictions

Make sure that you don’t have privacy restrictions in place particularly in-app purchasing.

It appears to be alright.

Great, we have ruled that out. This seems to be network related. Is everything else working fine on your device such as surfing the web, streaming videos and so on?

Pretty sure yeah.

I’m afraid that we are running out of options here. I know that you stated that you reinstalled the app but could you try deleting Infinite Flight again, reboot your device and then reinstall 19.4 again.

Maybe the device itself needs to be updated?

I’ll let you know in an hour or two.

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@Zachary he included this info in the original post ;)

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My apologies. I missed that. As I have said, I had this issue before and I resolved it by completely deleting the app and then closing out all my apps. From there, I powered off the device and let it sit for about 30 seconds. I then turned it back on and connected to my Wifi. After the connection as established, I re-downloaded the app from My Purchases and opened the app. I was then allowed to get Pro. Hope this helps!