Can’t add new users to a PM

Hey 👋🏻

So I’m trying to create a mass PM for an event, and the only way I see to go about it is to PM one user and when you type it put more users in the box. Now when ever I try this I type in @(their username here) and it doesn’t recognize them at all, am I doing something wrong, or is this just an error I need to wor around?


When you want to add another user to the PM, just add his username without @



Sorry, that seems obvious in hindsight…


Yuuup, we learned that last time didn’t we, if you remember xD

And @KPIT, looking forward to the Event tomorrow :)


Note: In a Group PM, you can only initially invite 29 people. Then you have to add the rest 1 by 1


You tell me this after I added 57 people! 😂


Hello. Nothing is wrong as I look at it. It might be a bug or something. But I think your doing fine! If you can try to add as many as you can, maybe that will help. If anything else is wrong, contact a admin or a service helper!


So a bit of a follow up, I am clicking the “add or remove user” button, but nothing is happening, and ideas?

And how would you go about doing that? Can a PM be full? There are only 29 people in it…

I can’t add people to the pm separately. @Thomas_G

To clarify, the limit of PM participants is 30 people :)

But how did @KPIT get 57 participants?

If i remember correctly, he (@KPIT) ended up never creating a PM for that event. We used the original event thread for communications, just like on Nathan’s Denver Fly-Out Event :)


I did, but I just got tired of adding new users, and I figured that the main thread was simple enough


You created a PM? Hmm, using the main thread is good enough though ;)

Simple and Efficient.

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Ya, the first thirty people got it, but I only added up till actually the gate before yours before I got tired of it… 😂🤪

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Oh, that’s why, hahaha xD

Well in the future, and this also goes for anyone creating a Event that turns out massive with 50, 60, or even 70+ users, then in those cases if you want to that is, using the Event Thread is easier and more efficient to use than making multiple Group PM’s ;)

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Yes, very true, I don’t think many people understand the time, and effort required to make a big event like my fly out…


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