Can somone help me find a guy with the callsign N603OD

I Need to talk with this guy if he has a infinite flight community user

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Do you by chance have his username that is shown on infinite flight?

I think it’s c750

That is just the aircraft type.

Are you still currently in the session?


What server is this?

No I am not

Sadly, I cannot help you then. Try contacting a moderator about this situation.
Also, why do you need to speak with him?

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I Need to speak to him about atc rules

Also he left the server

Well, there is nothing I can do about it. If it’s about ATC rules, then he probably doesn’t 100% know what he is doing. So, I would just recommend to let this situation fly. (no pun intended)

I know but i would like the talk with him about the rules

Not everyone who plays IF has an IFC account.

The person you are mentioning is probably one of them.

Also, if you are IFATC on the expert server, you can just ghost him if he is not following instructions. If this was on the training server, you cannot expect everyone to follow the rules.


Contact a mod. They have logs.

I recommend PMing a moderator like @DeerCrusher about this situation, if you reaaaally want to tell him the rules. I’m pretty sure the user he will learn after time, though.

However if it’s training server there isn’t much you can do I don’t think ;)

If it was on trainig server I recommend you this topic:

It’s great you want to further educate fellow pilots. But it’s TS and as mentioned before not every pilot has an IFC account. Thank you for your ATC services on TS!

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