Can someone who's flown swiss help me?

I’m flying swiss air on Saturday, and it says I’m scheduled to fly the embraer 190 into london city. When I go on the Lufthansa website and go on flight status it says ‘show me where this plane is coming from’ and when I clicked that, the aircraft is actually an A220-100. Am I flying on the embraer or the a220 (would prefer the a220 tho)

Can you tell me the flight number? This way i can search up your flight on FlightRadar24 and find out which aircraft is operating your flight.

On a side note, Swiss doesn’t have any E190s as far as I know

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So are you flying Lufthansa or Swiss? If you are flying with Swiss, you will fly the Airbus A220. 👍

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Is the flight operated by Helvetic Airways/Lufthansa Regional?

My flight number is Lx450 operated by helvetic but on Lufthansa website it says an a220

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Helvetic originally but I dont know what airline now cause it might’ve changed to swiss

Its the A220. I checked FlightAware.

Mine says E90…

It still shows me embraer 190 and when I try reserve my seat it has the erj 190 layout

So then its the E190

They might have had an equipment change

1 Like also tells me that this route flies to London. Am I correct?

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Who is operating the flight when you look right now? Does it say Swiss, Helvetic, or some other operator?

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It says helvetic right now but when I go on the Lufthansa website and type in lx450 , it says that the aircraft is an a220

The flight is mainly operated by the Swiss A220, however it is sometimes operated by Helvetic on the E190. By the sounds of it, it’s pretty certain you’re on the E190.


Mine says E90 on

Mine says the same. I’ll check tomorrow at the airport cause I have a flight from tirana to zurich and a couple hours layover in zurich

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Why are you on lufthansa’s site?!

Because when you type in the flight number on the flight status thing, you know where the aircraft is coming from