Can someone tell my Trust Level?

I am currently thinking to apply for IFATC but they say I don’t fit for Trust Level 1.

Can anyone tell me where I can check my trust level and how to earn Trust Level?

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I think I have passed the Trust 1 Level Restrictions. Am I wrong?

To check:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click the “Expand” button next on the top right, below the top bar with your profile picture.
  3. Find “Trust Level” in the information that pulls up

Hope this helps!


Hello there!

Sorry to hear your IFATC application has been declined. You are currently TL0 (New), as indicated by the lack of “Trust Level” section next to your other IFC stats (see screenshot below). The requirements for reaching trust levels are not publicly disclosed to prevent “farming” and potential bot attacks - all that’s known is that you earn your trust level by posting, liking and commenting on topics - in other words, being involved in the forum.

To see your trust level, you need to head to your profile, tap on Summary, then tap on Expand on the right (on a PC)/on the bottom (on mobile). This is where your trust level should be:

New = TL0
Basic user = TL1
Member = TL2

You will get a notification for each new trust level you acquire. Hope this helps!


Thanks so much!

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