Can someone tell me what happened?

I know there are all sorts of topics like this, and if it needs closed so be it, but is there any way someone can help me, I was flying a 787-8 at M.85, well below the max speed. The flight was overnight and when I woke up the app had crashed, but I had 6 over speed violations! I know nothing can be done about it, but does anyone have any ideas what happened? I feel like I was doing everything right…

(I kept this in general since there is not nessarly a problem with the game…)

Game crashes can be a number of things also where was you flying did you check real world data for tail winds. anal i know but it can save these problems regarding over speeding

I had 4+ hours more fuel than the real flight usually took

(15 hours for real flight, I had over 19 I think)

The app actually crashed?

The 6 violations are usually what happens when you run out of fuel and crash so perhaps that happened and then your app crashed

Yes, the app was crashed when I woke up, happens every once in a while on my device…

I highly doubt that I ran out of fuel, the real flight usually takes about 15 and a half hours, and I had more than enough fuel…

If the fuel does not change between flights (I do not believe it does) then I had 20 hours of fuel on board…

If you’d give me your callsign / display name, i’ll rub my crystal ball and see ;)


I would have been,

Username: KPIT

Call sign: TFC-012

What’s your Chrystal ball saying @schyllberg?😂

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@ 8.22 Zulu you started to descend at a rate of about -300fpm… and kept descending until you leveled out @ 3700ft after 2hrs. But it didn’t stop there… you kept on going for about another hour at 3700ft until your app probably crashed.

Best guess;
You were using some kind of 3rd party app for VNAV, intended to climb to FL370 but ended up at FL37 instead?


Oh, 💩, I did have IF Assistant on, shoot!

Well thanks for the help at any rate…

If someone wants to close this I got nothing further, my mistake putting in the wrong altitude, thanks @schyllberg