Can someone teach me how to do a moon photo?

I need a tutorial on how to do a moon photo where it looks like the moon is right behind the aircraft

I would suggest, you take the photo in solo so you can pause the game and replay. To get a really close up shot of the moon, you can move the free cam as far away from the aircraft and then try to zoom in. Hope this works :)

Ok, I will try that thanks

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Looks awesome @Cjthew91

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Thanks mate, it was way easier than I thought

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Got these two as well


They really look 👌. Next step, post them here:

Have fun and safe flights!!

They look great! Well done!

@MishaCamp can close this now👍

On solo replay mode, pause and enter free cam. Fly away from your aircraft and line up the plane with the moon (this part can be tricky). The further away the camera is , the larger the moon will appear. Once in position, double tap on the aircraft to zoom in and you have your shot :)