Can someone see how well I control ATC?

My goal is to become an advanced controller. I just want to see if my controlling sucks or if it is actually good.

This isn’t really a productive topic mate.

Approach an IFATC scout if you want some honest feedback


Ok thank you sorry…

It’s best to contact a recruiter and they’ll gladly critique your controlling if needed. :)


@nathan I already posted this Nathan. *Flagged for mods to consider closure

Yeah sorry about that…

  1. You came off very hostile. The guy was just asking for help.
  2. You didn’t give a direct link to the topic, whereas Nathan did.
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    *Flagged for mods to consider closure
    [/quote] Not needed.

You can just go into the #live:atc channel and post that you are opening a particular airport and say you want criticism. Example:
(Open) ATC @KRSW (SoFlo) TS1
Opening southwest Florida airport. Please feedback here.

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