Can someone please fix on of the SID’s at Heathrow

As you can see the fix DET29 is in the wrong place on the map and it’s making the the whole SID incorrect. The DET29 fix should just be removed from the Sid

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This was also a weird SID for me when I was flying from London to Istanbul. I don’t think this is right but I think it was placed there to avoid EGLC airspace or something like that.

The SID,STAR and APP are from NavBlue an Airbus company, All the SID’s and STAR’s are correct. Including this one here.

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wont it make a sharp curve?

Also if you want you can just delete that waypoint

London Heathrow is a Busy airspace, If you were to look at FR24 during its busy times you’ll see aircraft will normally recive some sort of vector instead of following a SID. Anyways @champagnepapi you always have the option to just delete it :).

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Yeah but then it’s not a Sid and it’s just a matter of having one waypoint removed

No this is what it’s supposed to look like

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Then dont delete it and instead of having DET34 (wich is selected currently) Select D283P and click ACT LEG and you will just fly there insted of doing the curve

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I know that but it still bothers me and it’s such a minor issue that can be fixed very quickly I presume

It’s the provider of the SID’s and STAR’s that’s wrong it’s most likely IF’s fault for placing the DET34 fix in the wrong place

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@champagnepapi i was just about to paste the chart as well but you beat me to

This SID is designed to be flown with VOR/DME navigation rather than GPS waypoints. Infinite flights waypoint system may not be able to distinguish between the two DET D29 markers on the chart so you end up with this weird SID ingame.

I find it annoying at times but you have two options. Delete the offending waypoint or activate the leg to the waypoint after it (if you’re staying on LNAV that is).


I’ve seen planes departing runway 09R on flightradar 24 and never have I seen a plane follow the SID in IF, I’m sure it’s wrong

THats why I said some will either fly straight there or vecoted in a way or two

I do that all the time and just skip the leg ahead of DET29 but if they just removed the fix DET29 from the SID Then there would be no problem it’s a straight line all the way to VOR DET anyway

It’s been said above, but IF recieves their navigation data from an external company (NAVBLUE) and I don’t believe they have the time to be checking each and every procedure when an update is released.

I appreciate that this is a minor annoyance, but I don’t see it being fixed by the developers. Just follow the advice above and continue to do what you’re doing.

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To add to that, from what I know from other similar topics, IF can add procedures of their own, but they cannot edit the already existing procedures, provided by NavBlue.

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I work for LIDO (another chart provider apart from NavBlue and Jeppesen) and I can guarantee you that they have to check ALL procedures which are newly published and implement the changes into their databases otherwise they are in big trouble.

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