Can someone please explain this punishment?

good evening
I would like to know the reason for my punishment I did not understand the reason for giving this punishment
the era of EGLL flight - EHAM
I warned or control of the sheer that was at the end of 06
flight B430

I assume here that you got an ATC issued violation. If so, can you please check your logbook and message the controller?

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I can’t understand your post. Did you get reported? If that happened contact the controller.

Did you mean you went of control because of a gust of wind?

I did not understand the reason for the punishment I was warning ATC that it was in the final 06 and he gave me the punishment I just wanted to understand the reason for the punishment

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Do you mean that the controller told you to avoid unnecessary reports? Or did you receive a Violation from your controller?

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no i just want him to explain the reason for the punishment because i didn’t understand
as a pilot I was warning him that he was at the end of the headboard 06

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if you were already cleared to land, you should not report your on final.

but then again, the ATC should have just warned him to avoid sending duplicate messages… not immediately violate you…

unless you reported it more than once after being warned

if that is not the case pls go to your log book and contact the IFATC in the IFC (here)


i am assuming what happened here from the previous replies as i do not understand the problem

BTW, a violation is NOT a punishment, it is a method for you to learn from your mistakes. You can find your controller who reported you from your logbook and contact them here on the IFC.


I must have done something wrong so I just wanted to understand the reason for the violation
so I don’t commit on the next flight

oooh nice! for that pls go to the logbook and contact the IFATC… or share the replay file so we know :)

No need to share replay with us, just do so with the respective controller if necessary.

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or yes haha ok

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