Can someone please ATC for training server as I enjoy this

I’m asking as I enjoy it but also because I got a report on expert sever and would like to know where I’m going wrong 👍🏼

Hi, you can PM the controller who ghosted you. He can explain why you got reported

Oh ok thank you. Will do in the future as I forgot his name 😂

I think you can find the name if you go to replays

Oh ok how do you contact them.
What’s a PM

I would still like a controller tho😂

You can’t PM the controller as you’re TL0, send a message to @reports and they’ll get you in contact with the controller :)

What airport and at what time would you like ATC? You can request that below:

Once you found the controller in your replay file, tag them here and they will be able to PM you :)

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Thanks you both of you
Lol this is such a helpful thing that u don’t get with other games
Thanks again👍🏼

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Thanks everyone for helping :)