Can someone open Atlanta ATC?

Can someone open Atlanta ATC? if you look there now its pretty busy.

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what server ?

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im pretty sure they are talking about atlanta cause its pretty busy here


IFATC controllers are volunteers and therefore they are permitted to open whenever and wherever they would like to do so with the ATC schedule acting as airport suggestions.

Keep in mind when controllers do open, they must control at Class Charlie airports for a minimum of 30 minutes and Class Bravo airports for a minimum of 1 hour. Hopefully this provides some form of predictability for when ATC will be open for and for how long.

I believe the above request is for the Expert Server but if the request is for the Training Server, then I recommend checking out this topic below:

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Sorry, yes it was for Expert Server

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Expert (10 char)

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Yeah, i was looking on my map and one second its not busy, which made sense but then i checked a minute later and it was busy as heck. ATC logged off a minute afterwards

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