Can someone kick me off of the server? (Never mind)

(UPDATE: I’m home and I disconnected from the flight no violations) how do I delete this post?

Hi I am currently in a taxi coming home after being at the store getting my sim cart fixed. It took a lot longer then I thought and my flight I left is probably going to run out of fuel soon. Crash so could someone please kick me off of the server without a violation?

Usually, crashing doesnt involve a violation

I dont think anyone can kick you off, it would be a Ghost, which you certainly Dont want.

I dont actually think you’ll get a violation, I have over slept before, and woke up to a crash, and no violation was given, I think you’ll be ok :)

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He could be worried about overspeeding?

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He will overspeed. I got three violations when I slept in and crashed.

You’ll probably glide to your crash-filled fate 😊

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Nope, from my experience. He’s going to receive at least 1 violation.

Let’s let Deer say what he has to say, and go from there :)

Running out of fuel at cruise will result in engine power loss. Which would lead into a stall. When the stall occurs, Autopilot is kicked off. And depending on the orientation of his device, it’s likely the aircraft will nose dive into the Pacific Ocean exceeding 250kts and the maximum aircraft speed. So yes, violations will occur.

With that said, we can’t kick you off of the server without ghosting you, and I wouldn’t ghost you because the proper amount of fuel should have been planned appropriately before commencing your flight.

Keep in mind, your fuel burn will decrease as your aircraft gets lighter as a result of fuel burn. So you may have enough fuel depending on how far off your ETE and Fuel Remaining time is to each other.


If it’s an iPad you’re flying. Try useing the find my iPhone app and make your iPad play a sound or put in in lost mode. That should pause your flight and pull you off the live server.