Can Someone If Possible Refuel Me

Hello, everyone. I am flying the Air Force 1, 747 too LAX. Is it possible that someone can refuel me? I’m on Training Server maybe 100 miles from Paris right now. My tag is Glevolution and my call sign is Air Force 1.

If not appropriate category please let me know

Post here :)


Alright, thanks. Will do that now

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This is an interesting request, but this is quiet unnecessary of a topic, as @Asher said above, you can use that for next time ;)

I just didn’t know that existed

This can be closed then

We all learn something everyday. Not everyone is aware of these topics. :)

That’s true, you’re right about that

Will I save more fuel if I fly with two engines instead of four @Asher and @Rilej_aviation?

No you’ll lose more fuel since those two engines will be working harder resulting in more thrust usage to produce a sufficient amount of thrust without the help of the other two engines ultimately causing more fuel to be used. Use all the engines available.

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ok, thanks @Populeux_Music is going to refuel me shortly

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As said above, your engines will have to work harder. You may not even be able to maintain speed during cruise, so you’ll have to descend, and cruising at a lower altitude exposes you to more wind and greater air pressure. Turn off only one engine at most.

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ok thanks for the info :)

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