Can someone identify this legend

Hi, I saw a man with the username KAVA-EKVA-MATTHEW flying KATL-YPDN OVER EUROPE he is over Singapore right now and has been flying for 18hrs now and has 4 left. Who is this and is this possible. He is in a 788

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@Matthew I think I might be wrong.

Thanks, so do you have a thought in his survival

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I haven’t seen that be done in a 788, if it was a 77L then fair enough but I don’t think he’s going to get far

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image image

That’s exactly who I think it is, recognize him from the stats, he’s quite the long hauler

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He’s good .
He should land soon to fuel refill .

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I’ve flown longer in a B788… not that it matters necessarily…

I’ve done over 22 hours in one. It can do it.


You sir are one of the few people who they are legends pilot with infinite flight .

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Lol… thanks. I wouldn’t consider myself a legend though. Just a person who likes doing crazy long flights every now and again 😂


Yeah that wasn’t me lol I would love to say it was though

In fact the Boeing 787-8 variant holds the record for the longest flight ever made by any of the 787-Dreamliner variants in terms of distance flown, a total of 19,835 km. This was done with a load of only fuel and only 13 people onboard, those of who were FAA and Boeing employees. The flight took-off from Boeing Field in Everett, Seattle and landed in Dhaka Sharjalal International Airport a staggering 21 hours and 41 minutes later after have flown east bound over the Atlantic, into Europe where they passed above Spain and later continued over the Mediterranean Sea, Middle East and India to finally land in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It later made a return flight back to Seattle for a additional 18,027 km and total of 42 hours and 27 minutes of flying on this around the world-record-breaking journey.

So with or without re-fueling, you can go far with minimal PAX and No or Minimal Cargo + Tons of Fuel and fly for almost a whole day (24hrs). The -8 is very capable of taking flying to a whole new level, when it comes to long distance flying ;)

As for the guy in question here, he (Matthew) is doing exactly that, taking it to the extreme, by flying far and wide. That what I like to see. Props to this guys and great job making it so far. Best of Luck to him on his incredible flight 💪


I think the words longest flight by a commercial airliner goes to the 777-200LR(Pakistan International Airlines). Covering 21,602 kilometers by flying eastward from Hong Kong to London in around 22 hours and 22 minutes. It flew with 8 crew and 27 passengers.

My bad, I meant the longest flight performed bu any of the 787 variant. I mixed it up… 😓

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