Can someone ID?

Sorry for the POOOOR picture. 🙄
It’s a screenshot of a video.
I do not have the video.

Pusher, winglets, single prop.

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Defiantly not Airlines or commercial, possibly GA but my best guess is that it’s experimental.

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could you tell us where you were when you saw it, along with the time (UTC)

Looks cool! It’s probably an experimental aircraft…

I will not lie, that kind of resembles a drone through my two little eyes.

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Definitely a pusher.

It looked something like a helicopter, because I saw spinning blades.

Seen near KLVK, ~1900 Z

Rutan Long EZ is the aircraft type. Seen them before in person. They’re unique and once you see them, you never forget what the name is.


Long ez I bet this is the same kind of plane that killed John Denver