Can someone Help

Yep becasue it put my level back to grade 1 even tho i was grade 2 becasue of the stalls and violations when i couldnt control it

oki thnanks

6,000 kg is alright

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I see you i turned on mystrobe lights btw

Yeah I see you too, you cold watch me do it first, also you can put time on noon to see better

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oki will do

and use landing aids

Landings 1 it says

That was perfect, just make sure to put idle to 0 after making the sharp turn

Landings 2

That might be inaccurate, that’s why I tell you to make full stop just to make sure. And after ending the flight you should see your stats given for the session and make sure they gave you the landings.

okay, will do

landings 3

ima see if i can do a barrel roll

Barrel roll

Should I end the flight? or no

Great! I guess you get it now, I will leave the session and let you do your thing, also don’t forget to put the time zone to “current time” again before ending the flight. And make sure to have basic knowledge on ILS, STAR/SIDs procedures as well as understanding ATC instructions before going to expert server because you could get banned for some days by ATC operators. All this things can be found in the Infinity Flight YouTube channel tutorials. You can always practice your skills in training server. Glad to help.

thanks You :D

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Make all the landings you want and end the flight when finished.

Will Do :)