Can someone Help

Thanks :DDD

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uhhh my Yoke is stuck and wont move even if i restart the game ;-;

Hold your device and click the button .
IF you want make up your grade high you need to make touch and go .

ok thanks.

It seems as if you are extremely new, would highly recommend reading the user guide before venturing onto the training server :)

Go to casual server so you won’t receive violations and landings will still count for the expert server, then go to an airport that nobody goes too with parallel runways, finally use the f22 to takeoff from one runway and land in the other. However, I don’t recommend doing this as you need to gain some experience before going to expert servers and using ATC. Always make sure to watch all the tutorial videos in the Infinite Flight YouTube channel for both ATC and flying training.

Thanks. :)

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oki thanks.

Look at your climb rate. I never go over 2000ft VS even if i’m light on weight.

ooh oki thanks

No worries. Trust me i’ve been playing for almost a year now and i’m yet to receive a violation. Give it a try.

okay. :DDD

Im using the F22 but sometimes i go to like 150 and land but it goes thru the map and I dont get to keep my landings :(

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Make sure to just keep your flaps to 10. I recommend flying in FAOR which has the perfect parallel runways for the job. If you want, we both can go to FAOR and show you how I do it. Also remember the f22 is not an easy aircraft to fly at first. And also make sure you don’t have any cargo on your plane, just fuel.

Oki ima go to FAOR right now

Also you should fully stop in the runway after landing just to make sure Infinite Flight counts it as a landing.

Im in FAOR loading

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I will be right there give me a sec

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Are you in casual server?

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Ok how many kg should i have on my tanks