Can someone Help

Hey why am I getting So many Violations in Training Server, When Im at 10000 - 40000 ft i just stall for some reason and when i stall my speed goes high and i get so many violations and now im back to grade one :( and i have to wait 24 hours can someone please help it gets annoying :(

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There’s a lot of factors to this, one main one is weight. You might be too heavy to climb to a certain altitude. What’s your usual climb rates to get to cruise altitude?

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hmm its the normal Clime Rate, i’ve played Infinite flight for 3 years but my parents didnt let me get Pro until Febuary this year and I even have auto pilot on and it goes not that high but then my plane all of the sudden the noise of the plane starts to go really high up

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What would “normal” climb rate be? 4000, 3500, 3000, ect.

Normal climb rate would be 3500 i think

That might be the reason, you’ll need to decrease your V/S as you gain altitude. 3500 should be used only if your pretty light on weight and on very initial climb to 1000ft or so.

You shouldn’t be over 1500V/S when approaching your cruise altitude.

ohh ok also do you know a way of how to get alot of landings fast becasue I wanna experience expert server but the violations will slow me down or something like that

To increase your landings, you can do touch and go’s on an airport. I personally choose airports with close to none traffic and with multiple runways such as, KMTB

That’s happened to me before some time the plan AP go crazy and disconnect by himself and what after that you should make calibrate your device if not you will get violations .

oh so just click the calibrate button?

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You cannot unfortunately get back to the Expert Server with just landings, you may have received too many violations and you’re unable to access the Expert Server until they have passed their expiration.

Do you have a screenshot of your grade table? Maybe I could help out.


It seems that the violations are holding you back. You will have to wait till they expire to grade up

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oh, can i do flights on casual server and get my landings and XP up while I wait for them to expire? or does that not work

Yes, you can fly on the casual server while you wait for them to expire

KMTB is not an airport i think

oh ok thanks

Oh, I spelt it wrong then

its alright

It shouldn’t be too long, less then 24hrs. I’d be cautious though since your are getting pretty close to 25 which would not allow you to fly for a week.

Remember to also monitor your device until cruise, that way, you won’t get violations :)