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Hey Does anyone know how I can get to grade 2 quickly? I started playing on Febuary 12th and I dont know how to go up grades

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Just keep flying, maybe do a couple of patterns and you’ll get there in no time :)

Welcome to the community as well!

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Pattern work really boosts it, just keep fly and you will get there in no time. Also, Welcome to the community!

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Thakn You :DDD Also Nice to meet you here

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Thank You also Nice to see you :>

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This should give some guidance.

Possibly outdated but has good content :)


Oki Thank You so Much :D

Welcome to the community!

  1. Just keep flying. It might be a while before you can get to and sustain grade 2, and even longer before the same with grade 3. But just keep flying, practicing, and learn.
  2. Speaking of learning, I recommend watching the tutorials on Infinite Flight’s official YouTube channel, and reading the User guide.
  3. There are some great tutorials made by fellow community members in #ground-school.
  4. Of course, feel free to ask any questions on the here on the forum, and use the magnify glass in the top right to search to see if anyone else has already asked that question before.

Welcome and hope you enjoy the community and simulator!

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